Today Prima launched two new products: supplements called No Worries and Sleep Tight, made with a blend of active botanical ingredients and hemp CBD to target two of the most pressing issues we face: stress and sleep. These products complement our bestselling CBD softgel, The Daily, and round out our DTC supplement portfolio with synergistic and clinically-validated formulations.

As we celebrate launch day, we also embark on the journey of attempting to market and build awareness around two products that we can’t accurately describe in ads on Facebook, nor sell in mainstream retailers yet, because of the lingering and longstanding…

In 2005, I was an impassioned 15-year-old activist advocating for safety, transparency and accountability in the cosmetic and personal care products industry. While many teenagers were experiencing romantic heartbreak, I was dealing with a different kind of heartbreak: product heartbreak, as I slowly said goodbye to some of my favorite beauty products after learning they contained ingredients linked to cancer, neurotoxicity and reproductive harm.

After co-founding a teen-led coalition advocating for corporate responsibility and product reformulation in the beauty industry, I was introduced to the work of the Environmental Working Group, a national advocacy and consumer health organization dedicated to…

Life is not linear, and in the last two years as a solo entrepreneur, I have felt just as many lonely lows as transformative highs. Behind the shiny curtain of Instagram, I spent a large portion of those years silently suffering alone, anxiously self-funding a blooming cannabis community, living like I was in survival mode and as a result, unable to fulfill my lifelong mission to use business to improve health. I also began to see the inherent limitations of cannabis as a true wellness tool.

When I graduated from Harvard Business School in 2016 and started Cannabis Feminist, I…

The future is not female. The future is feminine.

Genders are no longer serving us and it is time for a change. Instead of “woman” vs. “man,” let’s define ourselves by our inter-connectedness, the shared forces that make us human.

We are all feminine and we are all masculine.

Imagine a world where you are born you, free to play with dolls and toy cars, wear blue and pink clothes, encouraged to cry and scream and express yourself without reason or validation or judgement.

What if our children can take the time to figure out who they are before they are defined by their gender. What if they can be strong and soft and unique and authentic in…

Landon Riddle, Sophie Ryan, Alexis Bortell and Charlotte Figi

A few days ago, I received an email from a woman I profiled on my website, Cannabis Feminist, politely asking me to remove the article. The piece shared this woman’s “cannabis coming out story,” her personal relationship with cannabis and the ways it has positively impacted her health. She wrote:

“I was just recently denied a job I wanted with mentally disabled children because they Googled my name and found the article. It really made me think about how unfair it was for them to judge me for my use of this medicinal plant. I felt silenced. I suppose I’m…

Recreational cannabis is officially legal in the state of California. This milestone makes California the world’s largest legal cannabis market, allowing anyone over the age of twenty-one years to purchase cannabis in select retail shops. Valued at $7 billion, the California cannabis market is buzzing with new brands and products that are normalizing use and inspiring more people to try cannabis for the first time.

As a longtime cannabis user and advocate, I am thrilled that we have finally made progress diminishing the plant’s social stigma and promoting the healing benefits of the plant. However, we are now faced with…

Jessica Assaf

Entrepreneur and activist on a mission to use business to transform health and wellbeing. Co-founder + Chief Education Officer of Prima.

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