The Future is Feminine

Jessica Assaf
3 min readMar 14, 2018


The future is not female. The future is feminine.

Genders are no longer serving us and it is time for a change. Instead of “woman” vs. “man,” let’s define ourselves by our inter-connectedness, the shared forces that make us human.

We are all feminine and we are all masculine.

Imagine a world where you are born you, free to play with dolls and toy cars, wear blue and pink clothes, encouraged to cry and scream and express yourself without reason or validation or judgement.

What if our children can take the time to figure out who they are before they are defined by their gender. What if they can be strong and soft and unique and authentic in the classroom, in business and at home, surrounded by people who understand and support and love. Now let’s create that world together.

The first step is breaking down the current definition of gender:

Gender is defined as “the state of being male or female.”

State is defined as “the particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time.”

The term “state” is conditional, meaning it can change at any moment. By definition, “gender,” or “being female or male” can also change, based on condition, shape, situation, circumstances or position.

We are not “female” or “male.”

We are all ever-changing flows of feminine and masculine energies. This belief, rooted in science and spirituality, is supported by our understanding of the human brain.

The left side of the human brain is often regarded as the masculine side, as it is more logical, driven, analytical and fast paced. The left side of the brain is associated with aggression, physical strength, control and ego.

The right side of the brain is regarded as the feminine side, associated with creativity, inner-strength and intuition. Those who are right-brained tend to be artsy, sensitive, nurturing and easy-going.

All human beings have two sides of the brain, so we each possess both feminine and masculine qualities. In this way, gender is not mutually exclusive, meaning we all possess both feminine and masculine energies, as well as the emotional intelligence and insight to adjust as needed.

It is time to unlock the power of the feminine.

After recognizing that we are all feminine and we are all masculine, we can see the current societal shift that is guiding us towards the feminine. For too long we have been taught to think of the feminine energy as the “weaker” energy. This mindset has led us to a state of political and environmental turmoil, as we are faced with aggressive leaders, industries and weather patterns that often make me scared for my future children’s futures. In order to guarantee humanity’s best chances of survival, we must harness the power of the femininity in all of us.

Feminism does not mean equal rights for men and women. Feminism is our collective freedom to be feminine.

The future is feminine.



Jessica Assaf

Entrepreneur and activist on a mission to use business to transform health and wellbeing. Co-founder + Chief Education Officer of Prima.